Three’s a Crowd

Elite Productions presents
Three’s a Crowd

**Coming in 2020**

Written by Ron Aldridge

Cast: To be announced

Tom, Lizzie and Barnsey have been friends since they were eight years old. But friendships are not always as simple as they seem. What was Barnsey really up to? And why did he stop Tom and Lizzie from getting married?

At Barnsey’s funeral, Tom and Lizzie, now in their fifties and married to other people, have been left a bag of items by Barnsey, things he has stolen from them over the years. As the items are revealed we are transported back to the time of each theft and Tom and Lizzie are left wondering whether they really knew Barnsey at all? And what do these revelations mean for their future?

This very funny and poignant play from the writer of My Dog’s Got No Nose, It’s Never Too Late, That’s Love and You’re Only Young Twice (all published by Josef Weinberger) is a joyous play of life, love, jiltings, regrets, recriminations, reconciliations and Batman pants!

UK Premiere!